Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sale Fell Sunset Run

It was a last minute decision to go for a run this evening.  I drove home from working thinking that I would go for a run but then decided it was more fun to play with my daughter.  Once she was in bed though, and after eating dinner and some of the chocolate cake we made this evening, I decided that I still wanted to go for a run.  No better place for a quick run than Sale Fell.

first steep bit, good reason to stop for a photo

Dodd and Skiddaw

I zig-zagged about a fair bit and managed to find the old quarry on Sale Fell which was also a bit of a dead end.  Psychologically, a 5k is the minimum distance I can put in and feel like I have done a decent run so I looped around like a plain taxiing at an airport to make up the distance and then eventually descended to land at my car.

Then it was back home for some more cake.

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