Monday, November 22, 2010

Hannah's first Wainwright

Hannah is my daughter.  She was three in October and, for a while now, we have been waiting for a good day to take her up her first Wainwright.  Castle Crag is famously the smallest Wainwright and the only one below 1000 feet tall with a total height of 951 feet.  Despite its miniscularity, Castle Crag has a lot going for it, lovely views, steep sections and a 'proper' top to it (unlike some Wainwrights I could mention).

So, all wrapped up, we set off from Rosthwaite along the farm track towards the river:

Now then Hannah, pace yourself!

watch out for those puddles, and be careful you don't trip!

Doh! Quick pit-stop to change gloves and brush down muddy knees.

all better.

looks like some congestion up ahead.

I've always wondered how shepherds count their sheep without falling asleep.

this way mummy.

Oh, yeah, that seems a lot easier.

great fun.

and the view isn't bad either.

over the wall, not far now.

one down, 213 to go.

come on slow-poke!

we did it!

let's head back, I think I know a short cut.

At the Lakeland Pedlar afterwards, "I want that, that, that and that".

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