Monday, August 30, 2010

Helvellyn Pictorial

About a year ago, just as my fitness was improving, I felt confident to tackle the mighty striding edge on Helvellyn.  It was a beautiful day.  Here are the pics.

"I don't think this is the right way!" - He was right.  Early wrong turn,
guided by my reluctance to head straight up a hill.

back on track and the view back towards Ullswater

close up

recognise this from anywhere?

first view of Swirral Edge

Oscar catching some rays - he's currently living it up in Melbourne, Australia
so this was good practice for him

the hole in the wall

looking back...

and forward.  Red Tarn visible and Striding Edge on the left

ok, here goes, Striding Edge straight ahead

someone beat me across

not a good time to find out your dog has vertigo!

looking back over Striding Edge.  There is a path to the side that
I was able to guide Oscar along but he did find it very traumatic.

but worth it! A very happy Oscar at the top.

the flat top of Helvellyn

sorry Oscar, but that's the way down.  Swirral Edge.

where we're going and where we've been.  Swirral Edge on the
left, Striding Edge on the right.  Red Tarn in the middle (where
Oscar wants to go for a swim).

looking back over to the start of Striding Edge.  Heavy traffic now.

finally able to cool off

route with elevation profile

Quite near the end of the walk, when I was completely worn out, an American guy ran up to me, "excuse me, is this the way to Striding Edge?"

I pointed him in the right direction and thought, "what a complete idiot!"

A year later, and much fitter, I could, almost, imagine running up there.

Walking England's third highest mountain not tough enough for you?  How about having a go at the Helvellyn Triathlon?  Just a week left for the 2010 race.  I think I might go and watch for this year.

You Tube Video

Trihard Website

Helvellyn Website

One of the best blogs for photos and walks in the Lake District Striding Edge

How about doing this walk in these conditions?

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