Saturday, February 11, 2017

Souther Fell

I've had a week off running and a lot longer off blogging.  The blogging gap has been mostly because my laptop broke and I don't really have a reason to get a new one.  Also, posting on Facebook is easier.  Recently though, I've really enjoyed looking back at old routes and pictures so I'm having a go at mobile blogging.  I suspect new posts will have fewer words and pictures.  In terms of running, my legs have been very stiff.  I had been running most days and I decided to take a weeks rest.  Ive been enjoying mountain biking at Whinlatter and a bit of swimming.

So yesterday, I had a run over Souther Fell.  It's a great route but the Glenderamackin River which flows along the valley has continued to cut away at the banks.  Since I was last here a few years ago, there are big sections of the bank, which previously held the path, that have fallen into the river.  A better route would have been to follow the track up from Mousthwaite Comb to Bannerdale Craggs and drop down The Tongue.  I considered going on to Blencathra from Mousthwaite but after seeing a video of the conditions on top, I'm glad I kept a bit lower.

The route: from Mungrisedale Village Hall (£2 honesty box parking), around the corner to the bridge, past the pub (the footbridge from the car park to the pub has also been washed away) to the gate across the road.  There is a cheeky route through a field onto the main climb but this is not public access land and signs suggest frustration with people taking this route.  Following the legal route then, turn immediate right after the gate and pick up a path which contours nicely before heading steeply up to the top.  This path is evident right across the top of the Fell, dropping into Mousthwaite Comb where there are a number of route options.

The conditions were a bit rough, windy with small snow flurries on top.  Belle really enjoyed running about in it.  So did I.  My legs felt pretty fresh.  The top, actually from about two thirds of the way up, was covered in cloud but it was lovely to be out.

There's nice running across the top, after about half a mile, dropping down to Mousthwaite Comb.  From here, I dropped to the right down to cross the river.

Belle looking at the route options.
The picture above shows some of the options from Mousthwaite Comb.  I have already dropped down a bit from the Comb here, off to the left (not in the picture) are options to climb Blencathra via Scales Fell or Sharp Edge.  The steep path up the Fell goes up to Bannerdale Crags.  The valley path ahead goes along towards Mungrisedale Common but also passes a nice col where you can climb to the left up to Blencathra via Foule Crag or right over to cut back to Bannerdale Crags or over to Bowscale Fell.  We turned right along the valley today.

Looking back along the valley path

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