Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rannerdale Knotts

A very grey, cold and windy day.  After feeling fresh on Souther Fell yesterday, I unwisely did a four mile trail run around Whinlatter Forest yesterday.  Cue achy legs this morning and a plan to just have a quick outing to get the dog out.  I did take extra food, microspikes and a choice of layers just in case I got there and decided I wanted to go out longer.  However, on stepping out of my car, my legs felt sore and the wind was particularly cold.  I decided to head up to Rannerdale summit and then probably run along the ridge, down the valley and back.  Once I got going though, I did what I usually do.  I headed up the steepest bit I could see.  A few pictures on the top and I didn't want to hang around.  The legs were very sore so I decided on a more direct descent back to the car.  The bracken is in good condition now for running over, I took a route which would be impossible in summer, picking up the main track back to the car.




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